Childcare Crisis in Canada

There is an ongoing childcare crisis for working women in Canada and a lack of affordable, quality childcare for all working women.

BPW Cambridge supports BPW Canada's efforts to bring this issue to government. Following is an excerpt from the BPW Canada website outlining the childcare crisis in Canada.

Childcare Champion:

Childcare continues to be a high priority for BPW Canada and for working women across the country, whether in rural areas or urban centres. A June 2006 survey carried out by Environics Research showed that 76% of Canadians support a national affordable childcare strategy similar to the 2004 federal-provincial agreement that was cancelled by the current government. The 76% support for the previous program was consistent, regardless of whether respondents lived in urban or rural areas; whether their household included a stay-at-home parent; and in all geographic areas of the country. A strong majority of Canadians (77%) consider the lack of affordable childcare to be a serious problem.

There is a childcare crisis in Canada, with a small percentage of children having access to quality, affordable and accessible childcare. BPW Canada urges the federal government to listen to the views of Canadians, and to implement a national childcare program that meets the early childhood development needs of children, families and communities in this country.

To find out more visit the BPW Canada website.