Repairing the Siding of Your House

Delaying siding repair can allow enough time for water damage to seep into your exterior walls, causing mildew or rot once soaked and leading to larger issues, such as rotting floorboards. It can also have the opposite effect as roof leakages: increased indoor moisture, fogged windows, mildew, and mold growth. And don’t forget that your siding is the most visible part of your house. When not looked after, it can quickly become unsightly and unhealthy.

Siding ContractorWood siding will generally crack if it has sustained substantial water damage, such as a storm or hurricane. If the damage is contained within the house’s perimeter, it may quickly dry out the area with a strong air jet. However, if the damage has penetrated the walls or the framing, it will be necessary to repair the cracks. Charleston Advanced Siding Repair has experience coping with this type of situation and will usually advise you first to paint the cracks to remove any coloring that may have been applied before repair.

Choosing a siding repair contractor with the know-how, experience, and personal touch required to ensure repairs are done correctly is important. It’s also important to look for a contractor who offers ongoing maintenance free of charge. Some contractors will come to your home, assess the damage, suggest a course of action, and then bill you for any work they’ve done. Some may bill you once all work is done, and some may offer a discounted rate if you ask them to call in other work or materials to be done prior to or during their service.

A small repair to cover a large gash or hole in your siding is usually doable by just using tape and a razor blade. This technique usually works on painted siding, but not vinyl or aluminum. The process is quick and easy if the damage is small enough to be filled in with putty. Most homeowners choose to replace the damaged panels rather than repair them, but before doing so they should take care to check their insulation to make sure that it is not damaged and will not need replaced.

Mildew, mold, and mildew growth are often the result of improper ventilation. It’s often the result of a leaky roof or poorly sealed windows or doors. Any damage that exposes wood or metal to excess moisture can encourage the growth of these unsightly elements. If you suspect your home has structural damage to the exterior, consult with an experienced contractor who specializes in siding repair. They will determine the extent of the damage, help you find a solution, and recommend what steps need to be taken to prevent further damage from occurring.

Wood siding and brick varies in the level of resistance to insects and damage from weather and insects. The amount of insect activity within the area will affect the resistance, as will the length of time that the siding is left outdoors. bricks or mortar tends to be more resistant to rot whereas vinyls and aluminum are more susceptible to cracking and deterioration due to weather and insect activity. In addition, bricks and mortar tend to be more expensive and do not provide the same level of aesthetic appeal as vinyls and aluminum. In general, these types of siding are not well suited for use on a patio as the lack of aesthetic appeal makes them less attractive than other options.

If the damage is confined to the interior of the house and the siding itself is fine, then it will be difficult to determine whether the exterior has been affected by water damage. Exterior siding should not be replaced if there are no visible signs of mold or mildew. If the exterior of the house shows signs of mold or mildew, contact a reputable contractor who specializes in restoring homes to their original appearance. The cost of replacing exterior siding can be significantly greater than the cost of hiring a contractor to perform siding repair.

Finally, some building paper may have been damaged during the process of the siding repair, especially if the repair was done without using quality building paper. If this is the case, contact a reputable contractor who will be able to recommend a substitute product which will be just as effective as the original and will cost less. A quality building paper replacement should last just as long as the original and will be far less expensive.